Gungahlin records its hottest Australia Day.

26 January 2011.

If you think the beer tasted even better this Australia Day there's probably a good reason - it was hot!!!

In fact, the mercury peaked at 37.1C at 4.18pm today, making it the hottest Australia Day in Gungahlin since records began at the Weather Centre in 1999.  The previous record was 35.9C on 26 January, 2003 - just seven days after the Canberra bushfires killed 3 people and destroyed 500 homes.

Temperatures will remain high Tomorrow (Thursday, 27th) with a maximum forecast for Gungahlin of 33C.  A brief respite will follow into Friday and Saturday (maximums around 26C), before the hot weather returns on Sunday (34C) and continues into the new week.


Hourly temperatures in Gungahlin - 26 January 2011.


1am:  19.7C

10am:  27.3C

7pm: 34.4C

2am:  18.9C

11am:  31.2C

8pm: 31.9C

3am:  17.4C

12pm:  33.1C

9pm: 25.3C

4am:  17.4C

1pm:  34.0C

10pm: 21.3C

5am:  17.3C

2pm:  35.4C

11pm: 20.1C

6am:  17.6C

3pm:  35.9C

12pm: 20.3C

7am:  17.7C

4pm:  36.7C


8am:  18.9C

5pm:  35.9C

Min:  16.7C (4.37am)

9am:  23.9C

6pm:  35.6C

Max:  37.1C (4.18pm)


Source: Gungahlin Weather Centre.


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