Gungahlin swelters through its hottest day on record - max 42.3C.

11 February 2017.

Gungahlin Weather Centre recorded a maximum of 42.3C at 2.17pm today. This made it the hottest day recorded at the Weather Centre, beating the previous record of 41.7C on 16 February 2014.

After a warm, muggy night which saw the temperature hover around 23C, it hit 30C by 9.45am.  At 12.55pm the temperature hit 40C and remained above 40C until 5.52pm.  The temperature remained in the mid to high 30Cs well into the evening.

Some brief respite from the scorching temperatures came from 10.20pm, with the passing of a large thunderstorm.  The storm, which lasted around 20mins, brought thunder, lightning, gusting winds and periods of brief, heavy rain. 6mm of rain fell.  The temperature during the storm dropped from 31.9C at 10.20pm to 24.8C at 10.45C.



Chronicle of Gungahlin's hottest day on record - hourly temperatures on 11 February 2017.


1am:  25.4C

10am:  32.6C

7pm:  38.1C

2am:  24.7C

11am:  35.4C

8pm:  35.9C

3am:  23.9C

12pm:  37.6C

9pm:  33.8C

4am:  23.3C

1pm:  40.2C

10pm:  31.9C

5am:  23.0C

2pm:  41.8C

11pm:  24.4C

6am:  22.6C

3pm:  42.1C

12am:  23.7C

7am:  21.7C

4pm:  41.4C


8am:  22.1C

5pm:  39.8C

Min:  21.7C (7.07am)

9am:  25.2C

6pm:  39.7C

Max:  42.3C (2.17pm)




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