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Ngunnawal is one of Canberra's newer suburbs, and as such its development has set the tone for much of the Gungahlin region in the Territory's north.

Building in the suburb first began in 1993, and a flurry of subsequent development in the region has ensured the supply of modern, newly built homes is maintained.

The suburb offers a place for many young families and first-home buyers to get a foothold in the heated ACT property market. Recent figures put the median price for a house at a relatively affordable $423,500 and a unit at $395,000.

Ngunnawal is bordered by Amaroo and Nicholls, with the developing suburb of Casey at its rear.

The locale boasts a range of recreational areas, including the Gungahlin Lakes Golf Course which stretches across the south of the suburb and the Hill Reserve bisecting the area.

Gungahlin's two main waterways, the Yerrabi and Gungahlin Ponds, are nearby, providing residents the opportunity to cycle, run or stroll around their perimeter.

Before Gungahlin was developed, much of the area was covered by farmland. The historic Gold Creek Homestead, on Ngunnawal's northern fringes, serves as a reminder of the region's history. However, a tribute has been paid to the locale's original inhabitants in the naming of Ngunnawal, with the suburb deriving its moniker from the Aboriginal Ngunnawal tribe. The tribe members were the first inhabitants of the Canberra region, and artifacts at
a rock shelter near Birrigai (in South Canberra) date back some 20,000 years.

In keeping with a Territory policy for Canberra suburbs, the streets of Ngunnawal are named according to a theme, and thus derive their titles from significant Aboriginal people and words.
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Suburb Guide - Ngunnawal
Ngunnawal Information
Population: 8,981

Established: 1993

Post Code: 2913

Named After: The Ngunnawal Aboriginal Tribe

Median Age: 30 years

Median House Price: $423,500

Ave Houshold Size: 2.6 people

Dwellings: Roughly two-thirds are houses, nearly a third are townhouses and the remainder units.
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